In most ways, Azalea is no different from any other dog. She loves toys, playing with other dogs, and adores her foster mom. The only thing that sets her apart from most dogs is that Azalea is deaf.

When she arrived at the SPCA, Azalea was just four months old and learning what every puppy has to learn: that playing with your teeth isn't polite. This lesson was tricky for Azalea because she can’t hear you saying "no." She can’t hear praise when she’s doing something right, and she can’t hear your tone change when you’re telling her "no."

To help Azalea succeed, she went to a foster home where she could learn the skills she would need to be someone’s new best friend. She is now a little over a year old and is excelling at many new skills!

She knows hand signals for the words sit, down, stay, come, and touch. A thumbs-up means "yes." A gentle tap on her side is equivalent to calling her name. She is house-trained, crate-trained, and recently started agility classes!

Like any young dog, Azalea has energy to spare. Her favorite toy is called a “flirt pole” – a toy attached to a string on a long pole. She is still learning to maintain her manners when she’s feeling extra excited. Her ideal home includes a fenced-in yard and a family who wants lots of playtime! Azalea loves to play with other dogs but needs a friend who appreciates her rough-and-tumble play style.

Azalea has conquered house-training, hand signals, and agility. Let’s help her conquer her greatest challenge of finding a forever home. If you’re interested in meeting Azalea, talk to an adoption counselor at 919-772-2326.

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