Transforming Lives: Saving Jorah the dog

When Jorah arrived at the SPCA, he had no fur at all. When staff entered his information into the computer system, Jorah was listed as “pink” because he didn’t have enough fur to determine what color he really is. Pink was the most accurate color at the time.

The medical staff is treating Jorah for demodectic mange, a non-contagious skin condition caused by an overabundance of mites on a dog’s skin. He also receives medicated baths and is fed a hypoallergenic diet. Only time will tell if Jorah’s condition is due to mange or a combination of mange and skin allergies.

While some might be taken aback by Jorah’s appearance, Jorah is as excitable and lovable as they come. He clearly appreciates attention and wants to make friends. He bounces around when he sees other dogs and wants to introduce himself.

Jorah’s road to recovery is a lengthy one, which is why he needs your help. Easing his itchy skin and clearing up the secondary infections takes time. Growing a full coat of fur will take even longer, but we are anxious to see what color Jorah really is. SPCA supporters are the reason Jorah is finally getting the care he so desperately needs. Transforming lives isn’t just a catchphrase for the SPCA. It is the mission that drives the work we do every day.


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2 Responses to “Transforming Lives: Saving Jorah the dog”

  1. Kris Aldred

    If hes in need of a foster home at any point, im more than willing to take im in! i have two other puppies under a year (both are “rescues” and work well with other fur kids). let me know if i can help in any way

  2. Penny A L Prichard

    What a great face. Hard to resist. Thank you for taking care of Jorah.


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