Kitten season is about to officially start. But somebody forgot to tell that to the cats. In the last week of March, 28 kittens needing urgent help received a second chance through the SPCA of Wake County thanks to supporters like you. While we expect hundreds of kittens to be born in the coming weeks, we are already hard at work and need your help.

Here is a look at just a few of the litters of kittens and puppies we took in:

  • March 23 - a mommy cat and her two one-day-old kittens
  • March 25 - two mommy cats that each just gave birth to three kittens; three five-week-old kittens
  • March 26 - a mommy dog and her seven one-day-old puppies
  • March 28 - a mommy cat and her four one-week-old kittens

Your generosity helps provide care and a safe place for the most vulnerable animals. Your gift today will also help the SPCA expand its foster program as we train more volunteers to take in newborn kittens and puppies. That means we can save more animals who have nowhere else to go. You can save their lives with a gift online today.

Here is a look at the number of kittens the SPCA of Wake County took in each month over the last four years. We are right on the cusp of litters and litters of kittens. Help us expand our Foster Program and train new foster families to care for nursing mother cats and newborn kittens and bottle-feeding kittens. One can of kitten meal replacement costs $75. A donation of $50 can help cover the cost to spay/neuter one pet, further reducing the number of litters in need of food, shelter and support.

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