So few dogs on the website - Why?

The good news/bad news is this: What we are seeing is temporary.
Dogs and puppies will be available again (Yay!). The pandemic didn’t stop pet overpopulation, it just hit the pause button. (Bummer)

Earlier this spring, when the SPCA of Wake County (SPCA Wake) and several of our shelter transfer partners* began to hear warnings about the coronavirus, so we jumped into action.

Ahead of the Governor’s statewide Stay-At-Home Order, shelters across the state began reaching out to fosters and potential adopters. Because SPCA Wake and our transfer partners moved quickly early on, we succeeded in saving thousands of lives. As SPCA Wake began to slow down in-takes, shelters across the state were able to do the same. Because of the fantastic community response in the weeks that followed, almost all of SPCA Wake’s shelter transfer partners were able to place pets in homes through a growing list of new fosters and reinvigorated list of adopters.

Because of these herculean efforts early on in the pandemic, SPCA Wake is seeing a temporary slowdown in intake needs, specifically for canines. This temporary slowdown is based on the success of our community working together with adopters and foster families.

At this time, we have a limited number of dogs listed for adoption on our website. However, we are still caring for many of cats and dogs that might not be adoptable at that moment. Meaning for medical or other reasons, they cannot be placed into homes just yet, and they are not currently listed on the website.

And in this time of uncertainty, there is one thing we know for sure - these life-saving, herculean efforts are made possible by you. For that, we are incredibly grateful. Thank you.

*The SPCA functions with the core belief that organizations working to save animal lives in our region are stronger together than we are apart. We are fortunate to partner with shelters and rescue groups across the state, and we regularly work with 49 NC counties through collaborative and mutually beneficial partnerships.