Samantha’s Story: SPCA dog found in Indiana

Samantha’s story is a perfect example of how community support and rescue cooperation can save lives!

Samantha was first adopted from the SPCA of Wake County in January of 2009. Last November, she was picked up as a stray in Indiana and taken to the Hoosier Hooves and Hounds rescue. They were able to scan her microchip, but could not find any record of her owner. They were able to link the microchip back to us though and called us! This great rescue was happy to keep her, but said they had not had a lot of luck with adopting out senior dogs. So they DROVE all the way from Indiana to bring Samantha to us! Our medical team noticed a lot of blood in Samantha’s urine and felt large masses in her bladder when examining her. Our partners at Care First Animal Hospital did further evaluation and surgery and found these MASSIVE bladder stones. Samantha was adopted near the end of February is now on the road to recovery in her brand new home. Thank you HHH rescue and CareFirst for your dedication and partnership. Wow!

When a dog like Samantha needs urgent medical care, we want to know they’ll get the help they need. Support from generous donors allows us to make that happen. We are so happy Samantha’s story had a happy ending. If you’d like to make a donation to help the next pet who needs us, click here. We thank you and the animals thank you!

samantha indiana
Samantha in Indiana
samantha stones-0207
Samantha had two massive bladder stones that were removed during surgery.
After surgery to remove her bladder stones, Samantha waits patiently for the trip back to the SPCA, lookING forward to clean blankets, fresh water, and a long nap.

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  1. Cindy Rice

    Bless you SPCA and HHH

  2. Ansley LeBlanc

    Thank you HHH and the SPCA of Wake County for taking the time to help this sweet dog find her way back to a happy home and the medical help she needed. Humans with hearts make all the difference for homeless pets!


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