Puppy saved after being tied to a tree in a swamp

August 30, 2018 -- A woman was hanging laundry to dry in her backyard Tuesday when she heard something whining in the distance. Jess's Zebulon home backs up to several acres of swampland so it's not uncommon to hear all kinds of animal noises. But this was different.

Jess walked toward the swamp. "There is a creek and the land is mainly muddy swampland and high weeds," she told the SPCA of Wake County, who is now caring for the pup.

She saw the puppy, now called Nash, on a small island of dry land. He was tied to a tree. As he struggled to get free, the rope around his neck cut further into his skin. Jess says she waded into the knee-deep mud and walked about 100 feet to get to him. She was able to cut the rope with her pocket knife.

"There's no way he could have made it through the mud on his own and ended up tangled around a tree like that. I barely made it through the mud," she told the SPCA of Wake County.

She rushed him back to her house where she gave him a bath. She said even after pulling maggots from his ears and the open wound on his neck, there were more.

The SPCA worked with our vet partners at Care First Animal Hospital to treat Nash. They cleaned his wound and gave him medicine, including antibiotics. The veterinarian who treated Nash says it's hard to tell from the wound how long he may have been tied up, but he should make a full recovery. The veterinarian also found some chemical burns on his ear and tail.

Jess says that she often sees coyotes, bobcats and wild boar near her rural home and had she not heard his cry and found him "he probably would have been somebody's snack."

Nash is currently in a foster home with the SPCA of Wake County to heal. To help him and other animals in need, give a gift online at spcawake.org/helpnash.

Animal Cruelty in North Carolina

Cruelty to animals is illegal in North Carolina. If you suspect animal abuse, contact the Department of Justice's Animal Welfare Hotline.

Adoption Information:

Adoptions are done on a first come, first served basis. If you are interested in adopting Nash, you can begin the process before he is ready to go home. Click here for details about the adoption process and how to begin.

News Coverage of Nash's story:

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This is the tree where Nash was tied

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