Puppy saved after being tied to a tree in a swamp

August 30, 2018 — A woman was hanging laundry to dry in her backyard Tuesday when she heard something whining in the distance. Jess’s Zebulon home backs up to several acres of swampland so it’s not uncommon to hear all kinds of animal noises. But this was different.

Jess walked toward the swamp. “There is a creek and the land is mainly muddy swampland and high weeds,” she told the SPCA of Wake County, who is now caring for the pup.

She saw the puppy, now called Nash, on a small island of dry land. He was tied to a tree. As he struggled to get free, the rope around his neck cut further into his skin. Jess says she waded into the knee-deep mud and walked about 100 feet to get to him. She was able to cut the rope with her pocket knife.

“There’s no way he could have made it through the mud on his own and ended up tangled around a tree like that. I barely made it through the mud,” she told the SPCA of Wake County.

She rushed him back to her house where she gave him a bath. She said even after pulling maggots from his ears and the open wound on his neck, there were more.

The SPCA worked with our vet partners at Care First Animal Hospital to treat Nash. They cleaned his wound and gave him medicine, including antibiotics. The veterinarian who treated Nash says it’s hard to tell from the wound how long he may have been tied up, but he should make a full recovery. The veterinarian also found some chemical burns on his ear and tail.

Jess says that she often sees coyotes, bobcats and wild boar near her rural home and had she not heard his cry and found him “he probably would have been somebody’s snack.”

Nash is currently in a foster home with the SPCA of Wake County to heal. To help him and other animals in need, give a gift online at spcawake.org/helpnash.

Animal Cruelty in North Carolina

Cruelty to animals is illegal in North Carolina. If you suspect animal abuse, contact the Department of Justice’s Animal Welfare Hotline.

Adoption Information:

Adoptions are done on a first come, first served basis. If you are interested in adopting Nash, you can begin the process before he is ready to go home. Click here for details about the adoption process and how to begin.

News Coverage of Nash’s story:

News and Observer: https://www.newsobserver.com/news/local/article217611975.html

ABC 11: https://abc11.com/pets-animals/puppy-recovering-after-being-tied-to-tree-near-zebulon-swamp/4135119/

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This is the tree where Nash was tied
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24 Responses to “Puppy saved after being tied to a tree in a swamp”

  1. Suzette Daye

    Through tear filled eyes, I am writing this comment. What I wish is for the person/persons responsible for this heinous crime to be brought to justice with the harshest of sentencing! Second, I want the responsible party or parties to suffer infinitely for what they did to this precious baby. This may not have been the right sight for this, but my heart was so broken. Thanks!

    • Carol Lolley-Harris

      I concur with Suzette Daye. Someone must know where the dog came from. If you have a neighbor who had pups like this, just let the police know. They can find out or direct the correct agency to investigate and see where the puppy came from, or where puppies from the mother dog went. This is unacceptable, we are better than this.

    • Ed C in NC

      Any site is appropriate to state your disdain for type of cruel, barbaric, and totally socialophathic type of behavior. People need to understand this type of behavior is totally sick and will not tolerated by the majority of the people.

    • Janet Watson

      You are not alone Suzette. I feel the same way. This is a dangerous person. I don’t understand how anyone can be this cruel. And yes, this is the right place to post. My heart aches for little Nash.

  2. Bernadette Vanyo-Thames

    I would like to know if u can tell what breed he is? His possible age? I may be interested in adopting him! I already have a rescue mix male jack Russell /chawawa, he’s great w/other dogs

  3. Roisin Milholland

    Has this puppy been adopted? Thank you.

  4. Liz hull

    Is this crime being investigated? Is anyone doing anything to figure this out? I’m sure that you guys are, but what do the authorities say? This is horrible. And I know that this happens all the time and the public isn’t even aware. Thank you for doing all kind work that you do.

  5. Linda E

    I am also interested in the puppy. What kind is he …terrier mix

  6. Barbara Turner

    I would love to offer this pup a home..
    To the woman who came to his rescue…God Bless you!

  7. Becca

    What is wrong with people!!! If little guy needs home let me know

  8. Susan Robinson

    Would love to adopt him.

  9. Ericka T

    Hi, Im interested in the puppy and I was wanting to see if he was still available to be adopted.

  10. Tina

    So grateful you had the heart to save him. Truly a hero in my eyes

  11. Ed Canupp

    Simply put – My wife and I would love to give Nash a furever home. (I would even be willing to sell one of my prized guitars) What a cute pup that deserves nothing short of constant love, affection, healing and constant attention (and a playmate) for rest of his life. He could be such a cute buddy to our adopted Blondie – our own very special SPCA Wake rescue that has bloomed into the most gentle spirited animal my wife and I have ever seen. Blondie has overcome similar puppy circumstances (we got her at 8 weeks old) and 3 years later she is the perfect picture of mental and physical health. Here’s wishing you the very best lil buddy – have a great life Nash; and kudos to all that have helped truly rescue you from a very cruel world.

  12. Dawn

    Its one thing to not want an animal, but to engage in this kind of cruelty is a whole different psyche. This is intentionally evil and sick. I hope that someone recognizes this puppy and comes forward with information.

  13. Donnice Smith

    What kind of dog is this if you can tell and about how big will he get? I am thinking about adopting him/her.

  14. Carol

    This is horrible. You need to find the person that did this. There is a psycho living near you. Put it on the news. What is that pink thing in one picture? A tongue? Poor baby, suffering that much when he is just a baby. Bless him. There are sick people running around that need to be locked up.

  15. Martha Gilbert

    I would love to know what kind of puppy he is and breed out also like to know if he’s adopted yet because I would love to adopt him

  16. Emilia Roy

    Please email me if he’s available or if he’s been adopted. If he is available, I would like to adopt him.

  17. Andresito

    Hola yo quisiera decir q apenas estaba leyendo la nota y eso sentí una tristeza y también por la fotos q vi me dio mucho pesar porq será q ahí personas tan con mal corazón y personas d mala clase con los Anímales Porq yo conozko una persona q sólo porq el perro no le.hizo caso le pega así sea con un palo o el collar y me gustaría q se pued hacer

  18. Percy Triana Sánchez

    Se necesita pulso y firme y mano dura contra tanto salvaje maltratador y criminal de los peluditos, en aras de evitar que otros continúen maltratando y humillando estos bellos y leales seres sintientes.

  19. Marcia W

    I am so thankful that this woman found this baby before he died, thank God for his mercies. I cannot understand why some people get these babies and mistreat them like this, knowing very well that they are cruel to animals. I hope that they find that person that did this inhumane act and tie a ROPE around his/her neck and drag them one mile, yes I am sharing my opinion, when I see cruelty to animals it makes me get cruel to the heartless people that do these things. I lost my baby yesterday morning around 12:20 a.m. I don’t want to eat or sleep and I am blaming myself for his death and feels very guilty, I took him to the vet on Thursday and he died Saturday morning, I am not the same person as I was when he was in his home. It’s very difficult for me to accept that he is no longer with me, my heart has been ripped apart he was in my life for 9 years and 3 months. So seeing folks doing these heinous acts drives me crazy, I loved my baby with all my heart, mind, body and soul. I loved him more than I will ever love my husband he was in my life before the husband.

  20. Cary

    What kind of dog is Nash and how large do you think he will get?

  21. Mary Lewis

    I lost my sweet little 9 lb maltipoo (rescued 3 years ago) when Hurricane Frances came through. A large family dog of ours bit “Thomas the Engine) and broke his jaw into pieces. Took him to hospital. Nothing they could do. Had to put him down last week. The pain for him was to much my little one to bear. My grief is so hard to bear. Let me know if he still up for adoption. I would be so happy. He would have a good life. He would have a wonderful life in a elderly community where most people have elderly dogs or they are small. Great community to raise him here. Thomas was a rescue and he loved all his doggy friends and owners.


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