Pride Freebies

Happy Pride Month!

We hope you love these cat & dog pride wallpapers we made to help you celebrate.

Click below to download your favorite design (or both — who are we to make you choose)!

Psst... don't forget about Boop-a-Palooza!

For a small donation, we will boop a pet and send you a very fancy, super official Certificate of Boop Authenticity along with a photo of your boop. Your donation will also be matched dollar for dollar in donated veterinary services to provide emergency surgeries and lifesaving treatment for shelter pets. That means a $20 donation becomes $40, and a $100 donation becomes $200!

Click here to help 2x as many urgent pets find loving families AND get a certificate so cool it puts your college diploma to shame.

Join Boop-a-Palooza to receive:

Certificate of Boop Authenticity

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