Hurricane Florence: What we are doing and how you can help

September 19, 2018 - It’s hard to fully comprehend the amount of damage Hurricane Florence has caused our state. Many are in need and we want to share how the SPCA of Wake County is helping pets and people heal. Your donations are making this life-saving work possible.

• Five dogs and 15 cats are safe at the SPCA of Wake County after an emergency rescue from the Carteret County Humane Society (two are pictured above). These animals were pulled from the shelter in the middle of the Hurricane after part of the roof collapsed and kennels began to flood. Each is receiving life-saving medical care and lots of love. Two of the dogs have severe cases of heartworms and will start their treatment soon.
• Connecting people and supplies. The SPCA is acting as a pipeline to connect volunteers and supplies where they are needed most.
• We’ve set up additional shelter space. Staff gave up their lunch table to turn the SPCA meeting and break room into a room for extra kennel space to house additional animals.
• The SPCA is helping provide vaccines and flea/tick prevention for thousands of animals after the storm. This is a crucial part of the response effort to prevent the spread of disease as people and pets are in concentrated areas and coming in contact with flood waters.
• Saving lives. While helping our neighbors to the east, we continue our daily work in the Triangle to save animals at risk of euthanasia. We took in five dogs and four cats from the Wake County Animal Center this week.

The need will continue for months to come. Thank you for being a part of this recovery in our great state.

September 17, 2018 - The SPCA of Wake County is working with state officials to take in animals who were evacuated from shelters in the path of Hurricane Florence. We will be taking in about 15 cats today and plan to take in several dogs tomorrow. One of the main roles we will play in the aftermath of the storm, is connecting supplies and resources to shelters and rescues in need.


Donate Cash vs supplies:

Ø  In this weather food spoils quickly so storing massive amounts of it end up wasting the food.
Ø  We have purchasing power! As an animal welfare organization, we can purchase in bulk and/or concentrated doses of medications, vaccines and flea/tick/heartworm medication that are critical to protecting pets and preventing the spread of disease
Ø  Cash can supply the gas we need for extra transports, provide the electricity we need for extra refrigerated storage for the vaccines we will house and distribute
Ø  90 cents of every dollar you donate to the SPCA of Wake County goes directly toward our programs and program support

Adopt Today:

Ø We can't take in animals if we don't have space. When you adopt from us right now, you free up a kennel for an animal affected by Hurricane Florence.

September 13, 2018 -- All eyes are on the Atlantic right now watching Hurricane Florence. As you prepare your family, the SPCA of Wake County is doing the same for the animals in our care. We want to share with you what's happening right now, here at the SPCA.
• We moved up an important delivery. The low-income, homebound senior citizens who rely on the SPCA’s monthly delivery of pet food to feed their best friends were delighted and grateful when SPCA volunteers showed up yesterday, ahead of the storm, and days ahead of schedule. Our AniMeals recipients count on their animal companions for so much. Your support means they can count on us too.
• We’ve set up additional shelter space. We transformed our meeting room into an emergency housing area to accommodate all the additional animals we are currently sheltering.
• We've set up ongoing care. Staff members are planning to weather the storm and stay the night at both the Admission Center and the Pet Adoption Center to care for the animals.
• We are taking shelter pets home with us. Shelter dogs who are anxious during thunderstorms are riding out the storm in the homes of staff members.
• We are planning for recovery. Even now while we prepare to ride out this storm we are getting our post-hurricane response efforts ready.How you can help right now: Give a gift to save lives. We are providing care and shelter to an unexpectedly large number of animals and our ability to help them tomorrow, depends on your support today.
With your gift, we can help the animals in our care stay safe through the storm and be prepared to help the expected influx of animals in need as the storms passes.
Your gift means the animals with us right now won't have to weather the storm alone.

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