How to Catch a Pokemon - Advice from SPCA of Wake County pets

Several staff members, volunteers and even the animals have spotted Pokemon here at the SPCA of Wake County. So the animals wanted to share their advice on how to catch a Pokemon.

The SPCA of Wake County is a Pokestop so while you pick up your new family member, you can also pick up a few items in the game! Come find your match that can help your egg hatch!

Here are some of their favorite tips! See photos on our facebook page of Pokemon spotted at the shelter so far!

how to catch

Tip #1: Always wag your tail and invite a Pokemon to play


Tip #2: Use the element of surprise!  Kittens are very very good at this!how-to-catch4

Tip #3: Share a treat! It's the fastest way to make

Tip #4: Travel in a pack!how-to-catch3

Tip #5: Always follow your nose!how-to-catch5

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