July 4th tips1

Everyone loves the Fourth of July, right? Every year we eagerly prepare for a day of cookouts, family gatherings, and fireworks… especially fireworks.

But a lot of our four-legged friends don’t look forward to the fireworks quite as much as we do. Dogs and cats don’t understand that the explosions in the sky are part of a celebration, not a threat, and that can be very overwhelming. (You might be familiar with thunderstorms as a common trigger of anxiety for pets – this is a very similar phenomenon.) It’s a natural response for them to try and escape the perceived danger.

Every Fourth of July, more pets are reported missing than any other day of the year, and we get far too many frantic phone calls from people trying to find their lost pets. As you’re getting ready for the big day, take a few extra steps to reduce your pet’s stress level and make it easier for them to find their way home in case something does happen.

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