EmPAWer Kids

About The Program

The SPCA of Wake County is proud to announce that EmPAWer Kids – an exciting and innovative anti-violence curriculum for 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders -- will soon be available at no charge through our Humane Education Program

Molly Stone-Sapir
Director of Community Initiatives
919-532-2096 or mstone@spcawake.org

Based on the No More Bullying! curriculum, EmPAWer Kids is an interactive anti-violence program that explores the links between cruelty (and kindness) toward people and toward animals.

Kids in grades 2-5 can join our instructor live via Zoom to participate in one-hour sessions that, with the help of a real companion animal or two, explore all things that people and animals share in common.

EmPAWer Kids also features exercises, demonstrations, and discussions designed to increase students’ understanding of core character values like integrity, responsibility, respect, and compassion.

Over the course of the week-long series, kids learn to take note of the correlation between practicing strong character values and preventing cruelty and violence, and they’re able to take their heightened understanding with them out into the world, where they can set great examples for others.


For more information or to schedule a No More Bullying! presentation, please contact:
Molly Stone-Sapir
Director of Community Initiatives
919-532-2096 or mstone@spcawake.org.