Chewy the Peekapoo celebrates birthday by donating to the SPCA of Wake County

Chewy Smith is quite the Instagram cutie.  We were excited when he tagged us in a photo of him sitting like a king on a mountain of food bags outside of our building.

This sweet pup just celebrated his fourth birthday May, 28th!  Although he didn't come from the SPCA of Wake County, he and his family chose us as the special recipient of their amazing donations!  Instead of getting lots of new toys for himself, he asked his friends to bring food and toys for the animals at the SPCA of Wake County!

I asked his mom to share how he came up with this generous idea!

SPCA: Why did you/Chewy want to help the SPCA?

Chewy's mom: We love dogs, matter of fact we love all animals.   I am a designer by trade and I do some side interior design as well as an occasional design themed parties for people and started to get a few requests for themed dog parties as well.  We had a birthday party for Chewy when he turned two.  Several friends show up with their families and their dog.  Several people brought gifts for Chewy and we didn't realize the first time to tell people not to bring gifts.

The following year, we told everyone to bring as many gifts as they wanted, and that EVERYTHING would be donated to the local SPCA for dogs and any animals that were less fortunate.  We are very fortunate that my husband has a great company that provides for us more than we had ever hoped,  so we always try and help people (and dogs)  whenever we can.  So, every year we now have a party and we always try to break the previous year's record and bring more and more gifts for all the doggies at the SPCA each time we have a party.

Every time we go drop the donations off at the SPCA, we see all of the people who work there and how they care so much.  They are all smiles and love their jobs thoroughly.  It almost brings us to tears as we leave because every one that works there deserves his/her own medal because of how special they are and how much they care about the animals and dedicate their time and their lives to helping all the dogs and animals as well as educating the community about the SPCA.

Really at the end of the day, if we can all come together and help even the smallest bit, I believe it makes a difference.

It seems Chewy is self taught to listen for the words "so cute" because when he hears it, he just starts wagging his tail so much.  Now we can tell him we are going to see his friends at the SPCA and he has the same reaction.  It's so cool to see.  I translate his tail wagging and excitement to mean that he is ready to help too!  - Tonya

You can follow Chewy along on Instagram @ChewysMopez

Here are some of his photos from his past two birthdays!

IMG_0385 IMG_0601 IMG_9451 IMG_9700


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