Microchipping saves the day!

This is Jessica. When SPCA of Wake County staff members first met her, they didn’t know her name. That's because they found her wandering in the SPCA parking lot. She hovered around the edges of the parking lot for several weeks.

SPCA Staff caught brief glimpses of her when she’d venture to the door to eat the cat food left out for her. After a few weeks, Jessica became braver and would come closer when staff tried to make friends.

We set a humane trap in the parking lot and, thank goodness, Jessica went in.

Even though we thought Jessica was a stray cat, we still scanned for a microchip like we do all pets that come into our care. As luck would have it, staff found a microchip and called the phone number registered to it.

Her owner couldn’t believe her sweet Jessica had been found. She lives in Garner and Jessica had been missing for about a month! Her owner came right away to pick her up and take her home where she belongs.

Jessica’s story is the perfect example of why the SPCA of Wake County microchips all dogs and cats we adopt out and register the chip with the adopter’s information as well as the SPCA's.

If you adopted your pet elsewhere, please talk to your veterinarian about having them microchipped. Even if your pet is always indoors or on a leash, a microchip is important. No one means for accidents to happen, but they do.

A microchip could be the difference between a happy reunion like Jessica’s and life without your furry friend.

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