Batman the cat is an Instagram Star

SPCA alums go on to have exciting lives when they walk out our doors with their forever families.  One in particular might have a little more excitement than others.  Meet Batman, also known as Mr. Batcat.  He is now an Instagram sensation with more than 3,300 followers!

His adopter, Lauren, explains, “His name was Simon, but I changed it since he looks exactly like Batman. Plus, a tripod kitty has got to have a cool superhero name!”

That’s right, Batman has three legs. He arrived to the Wake County Animal Center as a tripod, so no one except Batman knows exactly what happened.  Perhaps a back-alley brawl with the Joker?

He made the move to the SPCA of Wake County in June of 2016.  At first, he was very shy and kept to himself.  Lauren came in just a few weeks later looking for a kitty to call her own.

“He was hiding in a kitty cave, so I didn't even notice him at first,” Lauren tells us about her visit. “He eventually came out to greet me. I like to think he picked me.” Good choice, Batman. He knew his adopter saw past his shy cover-up (or mask, if you prefer) to the incredible personality hiding beneath it.

Three-year-old Batman now has the run of the house, but wasn’t so sure about his new home at first.  After a life of fighting crime, any noise could be an evil villain!  Batman quickly learned the difference between everyday noises like the washer and dryer or the air-conditioning turning on and off. He likes to stay fit by chasing a laser pointer and watches T.V. when he’s not saving the world.  If he needs some alone time, he can slip into his own custom cat cave Lauren commissioned to look just like him!

Lauren says, “Batman is such a great cat. He's a mama's boy that loves to cuddle, and he actually listens! He knows the word ‘no.’ I love my little guy!”

Batman spent more than a month at the SPCA and was at another shelter before us.  Now he’s famous (no superpowers required).  Some of his fans even create art just for him!  You can follow along with his life as a supercat on Instagram at

Does your SPCA pet have a personal Instagram?  Let us know!

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