Adoption Update: Daisy and Beau

It's hard not to fall in love with every animal here at the SPCA. Those that stay with us for several months certainly become part of family and we never get tired of hearing from their families about how they are doing! Daisy and Beau are one such pair.  Their forever family adopted them in 2013 and three years later, they continue to share photos on our facebook page.  Some people shy away from adopting older dogs, much less two. But this pair proves that old dogs still have a lot of love to give! Here is there story:

Once upon a time a pair of dogs was found in a field in Raleigh and brought to the SPCA.  They were soon adopted and lived together in their new home for almost nine years.  In August 2012, the two dogs were brought back to the SPCA because the owner could no longer care for them.  Now a bonded pair and into their senior years, the dogs faced the challenge of finding an adopter for not just one dog, but two.

This is no fairy tale. It's the story of Beau and Daisy. Really it's just a portion of Beau and Daisy's story, because it doesn't end there. When they were returned to the SPCA, they were almost 10 years old and Daisy needed to be treated for heartworm disease.  The pair was adopted, in October 2012, just a couple of months after their return, but it wasn't meant to be, and they were brought back about a week later.  Daisy completed heartworm treatment and they waited for an adopter who wanted to give a pair of senior dogs a comfy retirement. They waited. And waited. For more than a year.

Finally, in November 2013, one such a person came along and adopted them.  They were 11 years old and have been living happily with their new family ever since.  In their time at the SPCA they won the hearts of numerous volunteers and staff.  We are fortunate that their family keeps us updated and will send photos and videos so we can see how they're doing.  At almost 14 years old, the pair is happier than ever.


Daisy and Beau at the SPCA - January 2013
Daisy and Beau with their furry family members - December 2016


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