When you ask your co-workers to send you selfies with their pets or animals here at the shelter for social media and they also send stories that are too good not to share...you end up with a blog post!  So in honor of National Selfie Day, here are three from the SPCA of Wake County!

First up we have Ginny, one of our awesome Adoption Counselors.  In addition to helping people find the perfect pet here at the SPCA, she is also a foster mom!  Here she is "obsessed with my foster kittens."  How could she not be?


Below is Hayley, also one of our helpful Adoption Counselors.

"This is actually a picture of Kalil who I adopted from here!  This was taken on the day that he and his brother arrived at the Adoption Center. I was tasked with taking them outside to get pictures for the website and he was all about wanting to be in my lap.  Who knew that this would be the first picture I'd take with my new dog!?"


Will Anzenberger and Dexter are BFFs.  Will is our Director of Major Gifts and Dexter...well he is Will's boss. Here's what Will had to say about this photo:

"True story…I’m watching hockey on the couch with the remote release on my camera. I fall asleep and Dex snuggles in and pushes the release on the remote! So, a true selfie by Dex."  You can follow Dex and his adventures as one of the SPCA office mates on Instagram at @NowSayTreats.

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