These fixer puppers are looking for the right DIY adopters to help them be the best dogs they can be. They need a little extra attention, but they'll repay you with wagging tails, happy kisses, and unconditional love. Our fixer puppers have been lingering with us for some time, but we know the right homes are out there.

Now through August 15, when you adopt one of these Fixer Puppers, you'll also get a $10 gift card to Briggs Hardware (downtown Raleigh) so you can give some TLC to your home as well as your new dog. (If your house is already in tip-top shape, they also sell ice cream and kids' toys.)


Meet Our Fixer Puppers:


Heather is one year old, but no one told her she isn’t a puppy anymore. If you want a puppy but are worried about not knowing how big they’ll be when they’re older, consider Heather! She’s finished growing but is still just as playful as a puppy. She’d love to go to obedience classes with you to learn about the finer points of being an adult dog. She has made dog friends at the SPCA but can be picky. If you have a dog at home, she might like to meet them at the SPCA first. Heather has been known to play with her toys by herself when no one is watching, but she'd much rather play together!

Bonus: Heather also loves to play fetch! She’d love to take long walks with her humans, but fetch is another great way to tire her out.



Kermie had a family before, but after several months, the HOA decided Kermie was too big. He’s now back at the SPCA waiting for the right family to fall in love with him. Kermie would like to be the only dog. He’s house-trained and has does well with older children he’s met. Kermie thinks taking some training classes together would be fun! He could bond with his new family and learn a few fun tricks to show off!



Gracie has plenty of energy. If you want to explore the parks and trails around your home, Gracie enthusiastically volunteers to be your travel buddy.

What she's working on: Gracie is still learning that we humans don’t play with our teeth, and we don’t want our dogs to either. She’s a quick learner though and just needs some consistency.

Gracie is house-trained and gets along well with dogs who either appreciate or can tolerate her rough play style. She needs a feline-free home.


Bronson  ADOPTED!

Bronson is a bit of a goofball. His foster mom said he is very well behaved in the house. He’s friendly when they have people over. He loves attention and pets from his foster family. He is able to roam around the apartment during the day while his foster mom is at work with no problems.

What he's working on: Bronson is so friendly, he gets frustrated when he’s outside and cannot get to a person or dog because of the leash. He barks and pulls and that can look strange, but when he reaches whatever has his attention, those behaviors stop. Bronson needs a dog-savvy human who can teach him to be patient until he is able to introduce himself.






Happy’s name suits her well. She is a very happy dog.

What she's working on: Happy gets excited quickly. The trick is calming her back down. We are working with Happy to make sure she has an “off switch” and teaching her not to use her mouth to express herself when she’s excited.

She needs a home that’s feline-free. Happy can be selective about her friends, so she would like to meet potential canine siblings before going home.

Her favorite game is fetch. She’ll even bring the tennis ball back and drop it at your feet!






Trey is two years old, but very young at heart.

What he's working on: Trey is still learning all of his adult-dog skills. He thinks he’s a young puppy, but now he’s the size of an adult. He’s learning not to jump and not to be mouthy when he plays.

Trey has had play dates with dogs at the SPCA and seems to enjoy having canine friends. Trey should go to a feline-free home and requests that he not be crated.







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