Dog on a Diet: Ray Ray's weight check April 6, 2017

Ray Ray is a morbidly obese eight-year-old dog found as a stray in March 2017.  He weighed 92 pounds March 11th and is on a journey to lose weight so he doesn't lose his life.

The SPCA of Wake County is proud to help him on this journey as we work to reverse the damage caused by his long-term neglect and prevent other animals from suffering from this type of animal cruelty.

Hundreds of people joined us live on Facebook today for Ray Ray's weight check.  It took about 30 minutes for staff to help Ray Ray walk from the play yard into the building.  Certainly no small feat for a dog in his condition.

Ray Ray lost another two pounds this week and weighed in at 84.2 pounds!  Go Ray Ray! (and high five to our staff!)

One of the main questions people asked during our live video was how Ray Ray became so obese.  The SPCA's staff veterinarian says Ray Ray does have hypothyroidism which would contribute to weight gain.  That condition alone though would not lead to the the life-threatening weight gain Ray Ray suffers from.

It would also take long-term neglect of Ray Ray's well-being, health as well as a very poor diet to cause him to be this overweight.  With daily exercise as seen in this video, a closely monitored prescription food diet and numerous medications, the SPCA is confident we can greatly improve Ray Ray's quality of life and health.

See our original post on Ray Ray here and check back each week as we do his weekly weigh ins.

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