Slim's First Bath

No dog should have to suffer from constant biting and itching — especially a senior dog like Slim who’s approaching his twilight years.

We transferred Slim to SPCA Wake from our partners in Lenior County. When he arrived, our staff was heartbroken by his condition. At first glance, we could see thousands of fleas biting at his skin, which barely clung to his bony frame.

Although we don’t know much about Slim’s life before he was rescued, it’s clear he had been left to fend for himself for a long time. 

Upon his arrival, Dr. Jennifer started Slim on a comprehensive treatment plan to kill his flea infestation, treat his heartworm disease, provide antibiotics for his severe ear infection, and begin a special diet to help him put on some weight.

Because of your support, Slim has a healthy life ahead of him, and he’s finally had his first soothing bath in a very long time. Slim’s old life of suffering is becoming a faint memory of the past. And he has you to thank for that!

Your gift today will ensure senior pets like Slim have a future that is brighter, safer, and filled with the love they deserve. Soon, Slim will be surrounded by a loving family, and it’s all because of you.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting pets like Slim. Because of you, we can show them what love truly mean.