August 26th is National Dog Day!  That certainly calls for a celebration.  We hope you are spoiling your pups with extra love, healthy treats and even more belly rubs than usual.  That's what all dogs deserve right?

That's what we are teaching Becky now that she is at the SPCA of Wake County.

We don’t know much about Becky’s past - only that she was found as a stray and taken to the Wake County Animal Center. When Becky arrived at the shelter, her nails were grossly overgrown and her hips and ribs stuck out from what should be a fairly solid frame.

She also had fleas. Perhaps the most shocking part of her condition was that she had almost no fur.

Becky was diagnosed with demodex, a type of mange caused by microscopic mites on a dog’s skin. Many dogs have these mites and never show symptoms. When the dog’s immune system (and caregiver) doesn’t keep things in check, the mites lead to hair loss and secondary skin infections.

Becky’s condition went untreated for so long that her hair loss affected about 90% of her body.

The SPCA of Wake County was able to take her into our program just days ago to give her time to heal and provide relief for her condition so she can soon be up for adoption.

No one would blame Becky if she were a bit wary of humans, because somewhere along the way, someone failed her. But Becky’s tail wags almost constantly. She is eager for attention and will jump up on her kennel gate to say hello.

It will take months for her hair to grow back, but eventually, we hope you won’t be able to tell that Becky was ever in this condition. We hope it will be nothing more than a distant memory for her, just one among much happier memories with a new family.

As you celebrate your pup on National Dog Day, we hope you will consider a donation in honor of Becky as we shower her with love like she has never known before and nurture her back to her best health.

We believe all pets should know what it's like to be celebrated by their family every day.

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