Spay/Neuter Voucher FAQ's

1. What is the cost of a voucher?

Male Cat: $60.00
Female Cat: $70.00
Male Dog: $70.00
Female Dog: $90.00


Sample costs for a male dog:

Cost without Voucher (prices are generalizations):

  • $179.00 Surgical fees (includes anesthesia, suture materials and catheters)
  • $42.50 Pain relief medications
  • $47.50 Pre-operative bloodwork
    Surgery total without voucher: $269.00

Cost with Voucher (prices are generalizations):

  • $57.00 Surgical fees with voucher/cost of voucher (includes anesthesia, suture materials and catheters)
  • $42.50 Pain relief medications
  • $47.50 Pre-operative bloodwork
    Surgery total with voucher: $147.00

Pre-surgical requirements and prices may vary radically from veterinarian to veterinarian. Some vets require pre-op bloodwork, some do not. Some vets require parasite testing (such as heartworms), some do not. Vets will vary on other vaccines that are required pre-surgery. All vets (and North Carolina law) require that your animal is up-to-date on a rabies vaccine. * TIP: If you know your animal needs vaccines, call around to find a vet that will not charge an additional office visit. Many vets will charge a la carte for the vaccines at the same time as the surgery.

Most vets will spay an animal in heat but some will not. When a female cat or dog is in heat, there is an increased flow of blood to the uterus. Since the uterus is being removed during spay surgery, the surgery will require extra time, extra care, plus additional suture materials and anesthesia. Therefore, there will be an additional cost.

A female pet in heat is one example (see question above). Occasionally a male animal's testicle will fail to drop and must be removed surgically out of the abdomen.

No. These vouchers are only good at the participating veterinarians listed below. All of these vets are geographically located in the greater Wake County, North Carolina area.

No. You will need to call around to the vets and inquire based on your individual pet's needs. Prices will vary based on your pet's sex, age, weight, vaccine history, and current health. * TIP: Prices may vary greatly from vet to vet. There is nothing wrong with price shopping for these medical services. Call around to find the best fit for your finances and your level of desired service. Please remember all participating veterinarians are already generously providing a valuable service.

To purchase a voucher, click here. Once your purchase has been completed, you will receive an email message. Your voucher will be attached to that email as a pdf. Please print the voucher and bring it with you to your vet appointment. A hard copy will not be mailed to you. To receive a voucher over email, the system requires one voucher purchase per transaction. You may purchase more than one voucher, but you must run your credit card each time in a separate transaction.