Meet Our Donors

Meet Our Donors

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Kelly is making an impact on the animals of Wake County by giving her time, talent and treasure to the SPCA of Wake County.

Kelly has a special place in her heart for those animals that have a difficult time being adopted. Whether it is the older dogs or animals that have been diagnosed with an incurable illness, Kelly has invested her resources to ensure that these animals receive all the comfort, care and compassion possible.

By naming the SPCA as a beneficiary to her life insurance policy, Kelly is leaving a legacy that will help the SPCA maintain a foster care program. Kelly continues to be a loyal annual donor, as well as an active participant in our fundraising events. She knows that her planned gift, which also includes a gift to the SPCA in her will, is the smartest, most economical, and easiest way to have a major impact on a cause about which she is passionate.

Donors like Kelly allow the SPCA to provide innovative programs and services that enabled the SPCA of Wake County to take in 3,500 animals in 2016. With Kelly’s desire to have the biggest impact possible, her planned gift will help the SPCA accomplish the goal of ending the euthanasia of all adoptable pets in Wake County.

While Martha Gappins was not the Founder of the SPCA of Wake County, her gift of $5,000 from her estate in the 1960s led to the founding of the SPCA of Wake County in 1967. As the community celebrates the SPCA’s 50th anniversary, the SPCA wants to recognize the importance of legacy giving to the organization’s sustainability.

Martha’s gift underscores the importance of making that impactful gift whether it is during one’s lifetime, or as part of a desire to make the greatest gift possible through one’s will.

Martha represents the many donors who want to make the greatest impact in support of the homeless animals of North Carolina. Martha, from Whiteville, North Carolina, made her impact on animals of Wake County, which is still felt today. The SPCA of Wake County wants to posthumously honor Martha as the first member of the Animal Legacy Society of North Carolina. By forming this legacy society, the hope is that others will be able to realize their charitable dreams of having a lasting impact on companion animals in their community through legacy giving.

Karen enjoyed many of life’s greatest treasures: singing in the Raleigh North Christian Center’s choir; traveling with friends and family; and loving her “fur babies.” She doted on Chestnut, Cinnamon, Romeo and Winston, her family pets, with the comfort, care and compassion that all animals deserve.

Karen supported the SPCA with annual giving during her lifetime, but her greatest gift came in the form of a bequest in her will. Karen’s thoughtful gesture helps the SPCA of Wake County fulfill its mission to transform the lives of pets and people. Karen’s legacy helps others feel the joy of the human-animal bond by supporting programs and services that educate and promote pet adoption.

Donors like Karen leave the SPCA a legacy that helps your community work to solve important problems related to companion-animal welfare. With a commitment to ending the euthanasia of all adoptable animals by 2025 for Wake and contiguous counties, the SPCA encourages you to join Karen in becoming part of our Animal Legacy of North Carolina. We want to help you create your Legacy so that you may have the most significant philanthropic impact possible.

Mondy and Adam have spent much of their professional careers helping animals. They met while doing volunteer animal-rescue work.

Through Mondy’s belief that social change can make the world a better place, and Adam’s desire to solve complex problems, they both see the issue of pet over-population as one that can be solved through the work of the SPCA of Wake County.

By naming the SPCA as beneficiary to their retirement account, Mondy and Adam know that their legacy won’t end when they have retired from their respective careers — it will be just beginning. Their desire to make the world a better place for animals will continue for generations to come through their thoughtful gift to the SPCA of Wake County.

Donors like Mondy & Adam allow the SPCA and its Spay/Neuter Clinic to provide low-cost surgeries to help fight pet overpopulation. Since 2009, the clinic has performed nearly 47,000 surgeries, including almost 7,000 surgeries in 2016 alone. The SPCA is happy that it can help donors like Mondy and Adam fulfill their philanthropic dreams.

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