Part 1: Introduction to the Puppy Butler Task

In this module you will learn:

  • What is a Puppy Butler?
  • The importance of signs and profiles.
  • Youth Volunteer Requirements and Important Reminders
  • Safety
  • Health

Important: The Puppy Butler Task requires bending over low concrete walls to pick up puppies and soiled newspaper, replacing dirty linens and toys, mopping, and providing water. Puppy Butlers also play with the puppies!

Reminder: Call (919) 630-6015 one hour (or less) before your shift to confirm that we have puppies.

Important Note about Youth Volunteers:  For safety reasons, a youth volunteer that is between the ages 7-17 can assist a parent or guardian with this task, however, please do not leave them alone in the puppy area or alone in a puppy room.

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