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Part 1: Introduction to the Puppy Butler Task

In this module you will learn: What is a Puppy Butler? The importance of signs and profiles. Youth Volunteer Requirements and Important Reminders Safety Health Important: The Puppy Butler Task requires bending over low concrete walls to pick up puppies and soiled newspaper, replacing dirty linens and toys, mopping, and providing water. Puppy Butlers also...

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Part 2: Puppy Area Tour

In this module you will learn: IMPORTANT REMINDERS DO NOT step into an occupied puppy tub! DO NOT move puppies to tubs or rooms with other puppies!  DO NOT set puppies down on the floor of the puppy area! Never pick up puppies by the armpits! Only staff or trained volunteers may pick up puppies....

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Part 3: Cleaning the Puppy Tubs

In this Module you will learn: Materials you'll need. Setting up an empty (unoccupied) tub: Cleaning an occupied tub Setting up a new puppy room Cleaning an occupied puppy room

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Protected: Welcome!

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Part 4: Cleaning the Puppy Rooms

Setting up a new puppy room or cleaning an occupied room.

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