We are so excited to welcome you to the first of five modules for the New Volunteer Orientation!

Are you ready? We are!


In this step, you will learn about the SPCA's Volunteer opportunities! We have plenty to choose from, and there is something for everyone. We are so excited to share these opportunities with you!! This module will walk you through the shifts and steps you will need to take in order to complete the training for the team assignment or assignments that you are interested in. Please have the Volunteer Team Assignment List handy to mark which assignment you're most interested in!




Welcome to the Shelter Safety Module.

You are one step closer to becoming an SPCA Volunteer!

In this step will, you will learn about our safety protocols! These are very important to follow, as the safety of the pets and people at the SPCA is our top priority.

The safety of the pets and people at the SPCA is our top priority. Once you have completed the Safety Video portion of this module, please fill out and submit the New Volunteer Survey below. Once you have completed and submitted the Survey, you can move on to the next step and take a tour with the Director of Volunteers!

Let's Take a Tour of the Pet Adoption Center!

In this module, we will be taking you on a tour of the Pet Adoption Center. You will learn where things are, don't worry when you come in to train for the assignment you want to do, we will show you around. This is just to get you acquainted with our building and show you where you may be volunteering and spending your time during your shift.

SPCA Adoption Center map and where to park:

Welcome to the Volgistics Module!!

You are almost done, I promise!

What is Volgistics?

Volgistics is our Self-Scheduling Volunteer Management Software here you can schedule yourself for trainings and shifts.  

*The Volunteer Director will be unable to schedule each individual volunteer for training sessions or classes, if you are having trouble viewing the open shadow training sessions or in-person training, your account may not be updated, please reach out to the Director if this is occurring, otherwise, please utilize this tool to schedule your training sessions and classes.

  • Once your Application, Surveys and DocuSign Waiver have been processed, you’ll receive a link to set up your account (good for 24 hours).

Please view the Instructional Videos below for more information about Volgistics

Volunteer Team Assignments Required Training(s)

  1. Whether the Volunteer Team Assignment requires one-step training, which includes online and in-person training classes or two-step training (See the Volunteer Team Assignment Document for more information), once you have completed the requirements for that assignment, your account will be updated to reflect that you have completed the training(s).
  • If your assignment requires 2-step training, once you have completed the training and submitted the survey, your account will be updated and you will be able to view the Shadow Training Sessions available!
  • Once you have completed the training requirements, your account will be updated which will allow you to start signing up for shifts

Please refer to the Volgistics Quick Reference Guide for instructions on Scheduling your shifts and other important information:

Volgistics Quick Reference Guide

How to Use VicNet for Volunteers with Calendar View

How to Sign-in and Sign-out at VicTouch

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