Volunteer Online Learning Portal


How to Use the Online Learning Portal

In an effort to simplify and streamline trainings at the SPCA we have created this Online Learning Portal for you to train in the area of interest.  We are so excited to welcome you!!

How the Online Learning Portal works:

  • Complete each video (if there is more than one video for the training).
  • Stay on the Page when you are viewing the training videos.
  • Once you have completed ALLof the videos, you will need to:
    • Complete and submit a Survey for that training.
  • Please allow 48 – 72 hoursfor us to process the surveys and update your Volgistics account so you can either schedule your Shadow Training Session or start scheduling shifts! If you have questions, please contact the Director of Volunteers via email at volunteer@spcawake.org.
    • Unfortunately, I may not be available to answer questions via phone, so please, no phone calls.
  • Once that training is complete, your Volgistics Account will be updated so you can sign up for Shadow Training Sessions.
  • AND FINALLY…..Once you have completed the Shadow Training Session, you can start signing up for shifts!!


Puppy Butler Training

The Puppy Butler Task requires bending over low concrete walls to pick up puppies and soiled newspaper, replacing dirty linens and toys, mopping, and providing water. Puppy Butlers also play with the puppies!

If you are interested in becoming a Puppy Butler, please click on the button below!


Do you love dogs? Do you want to help us care for, socialize and provide enrichment for the dogs in our care? If your answer is yes,  you are in the right place!!

Dog Butlers take the dogs out into the play yards for exercise and nature calls. They clean up after the dogs in bedrooms and yards, and provide positive interactions and training.

Please click on the button below to complete the Dog Butler Training!!! Our doggos cannot wait to meet you!!