Welcome to the Volunteer Online Learning Portal!

Thank you for volunteering! In an effort to simplify and streamline trainings and communication at the SPCA we have created this Online Learning Portal for you to simply click on what you would like to train in! It is that simple!

The gratitude we feel towards our volunteers can never truly be placed into words, and we hope that no matter what life brings that when you are here, you feel valued, appreciated, and loved. Because we really do love our volunteers, and we cannot do this without them!

Our mission – to transform the lives of pets and people through protection, care, education, and adoption – comes with unique opportunities, as well as unique challenges. We believe that approaching our work with a positive mindset has a direct impact not only on what we accomplish, but how we accomplish it.

Bringing a “Hell, Yeah” attitude to our work has the power to turn difficult situations into learning opportunities; problematic people into teachers; everyday co-workers into heroes; and tough days into triumphs.

We believe that no matter what our workday brings, the one thing we have control over is our attitude. “Hell, Yeah” means looking for the good – in every challenge, in every change, and in every person. It means focusing on what’s going right, instead of what’s going wrong; giving our colleagues the benefit of the doubt; choosing compassion over judgement; and resilience over defeat.

Now, if you’re thinking that I’m proposing some kind of Magical Shelter Unicorn Nirvana, that’s not it at all. What I’m suggesting is that the attitude any of us choose on a daily basis sets the tone for our interactions with others. Are we going to have bad days? Yep. Are there going to be times when one of us is impatient or accidently unkind to another? Yep. Will there be lots of opportunities to practice patience, grace, and compassion toward one another and ourselves? Hell, Yeah! “Hell, Yeah” isn’t about perfection, it’s about understanding how the attitude we choose impacts others - positively or negatively.


  • “Hell, Yeah” isn’t toxic positivity
  • “Hell, Yeah” doesn’t mean being anything other than your authentic self
  • “Hell, Yeah” isn’t a requirement (or even request) to be Little Mary Sunshine
  • “Hell Yeah” doesn’t mean we ignore difficult issues or avoid necessary conversations
  • “Hell Yeah” doesn’t cause harm or hurt anyone
  • “Hell, Yeah” isn’t a way to shame or guilt someone into agreeing to something

Ruth is having a really crappy day. She had a flat tire on the way to work, she forgot her lunch, her department is down two people and she’s feeling cranky and overwhelmed. When Mary approaches Ruth with a question, she snaps back with a curt, one-word answer. If Ruth is embracing “Hell, Yeah” she realizes after a while how she may have come across, finds Mary, and says something along the lines of, “I’m having a really crappy day and I’m sorry I snapped at you. Could I have a do-over?” Her response is accepted and everyone moves on with their day.

Now, let’s say Ruth is too overwhelmed or busy to come to realize the impact of her words. That’s okay. If Mary is embracing “Hell, Yeah”, she asks herself, “What is the most generous interpretation I could have of Ruth’s behavior?” She thinks about things from Ruth’s perspective, realizes how much pressure she’s has been under lately, decides to give her the benefit of the doubt, and moves on with her day.

“Hell, Yeah” can also look like jumping in to help a colleague; enthusiastically supporting the work of other departments; getting through a tough time with determination; helping someone else through a tough time; or finding ways to say yes to a new idea.



NOTE: This Volunteer Team Assignment requires volunteers to complete the Online Training and a Shadow Training Session with a Lead/Mentor Volunteer.  


NOTE:  This Volunteer Team Assignment require volunteers to complete the Online Training.  Once it is complete and your account is updated, you can start signing up for shifts!