Are you interested in helping the SPCA Wake take care of our pawsitively amazing dogs?

Dog Butlers are responsible for taking the dogs out into the play yards for exercise and nature calls. They also clean up after the dogs outside and inside. And most importantly, Dog Butlers make sure every dog has fun and is well-behaved, focusing on positive reinforcement.

If this Volunteer Assignment makes your heart sing, you are in the right place!! We couldn't care for our dogs the way we do without the love and support from our Dog Butlers!  Our dogs not only inspire us in so many ways, but they bring us so much joy! It is the best part of this volunteer team assignment!!

The Basics

Here are the basics of the Dog Butler Training that you will complete before you can schedule a Shadow Training Session with a Lead or Mentor Volunteer!!!

  • Training:
    • Completion of the On-line Training Course- You are here!!  
      • This training contains a series of videos with a few short surveys! Please make sure that you view these videos in their entirety.  It is really important that you understand the protocols and follow them when you become a Dog Butler!!
    • Shadow Training Session with a Lead or Mentor Volunteer. - Once you complete this training, your Volgistics Account will be updated and will allow you to view the available times and dates and you can schedule the training session when it is most convenient for you!!
      • Please note that we recommend that you schedule your Shadow Training Session during the shift time that you plan on signing up for!!

Are you ready to begin?  Let's get started!!


Dog Butlers take the dogs out into the play yards for exercise and nature calls. They clean up after the dogs in bedrooms and yards, and provide positive interactions and training. Each Dog Butler is responsible for one suite (pod) with 4-5 dog bedrooms.

Please complete the Survey Below.  Once you have submitted the survey, the Director of Volunteers will update your account and you will be able to view and schedule your Shadow Training Session.

Reminder: In order to become a Dog Butler, we need you to:

  • Complete each video (if there is more than one video for the training).
    • Stay on the Page when you are viewing the training videos.
  • Once you have completed ALL of the videos, you will need to:
    • Complete and submit a Survey for that training.
  • Please allow 48 – 72 hours for us to process the surveys and update your Volgistics account so you can either schedule your Shadow Training Session or start scheduling shifts! If you have questions, please contact the Director of Volunteers via email at
    • Unfortunately, I may not be available to answer questions via phone, so please, no phone calls.
  • Once that training is complete, your Volgistics Account will be updated so you can sign up for Shadow Training Sessions.
  • AND FINALLY…..Once you have completed the Shadow Training Session, you can start signing up for shifts!!