Cat and Kitten


Cat Volunteer Opportunities. There are two levels of volunteering with the dogs; basic and advanced. All volunteers must attend basic volunteer orientation. Advanced volunteer duties require the orientation session and task specific training sessions. 

Cat Butlers (at Adoption Center)

Cat Butlers help clean the cat areas prior to opening to the public. In the adult cat rooms, they scoop litter boxes; sweep cubbies; sweep the floors; provide clean laundry, general cleaning. In the kitten room, they clean each condo. Doing a load of laundry is nice, too.
Adult/Youth Team 1:1 ratio
Training: on-the-job training
Schedule: 1 shift per day, 3 volunteers per shift
Everyday, 8am-11am (or earlier)

Cat Cage Butlers (at Adoption Center)

Cleaning the cat/kitten condos in the Grooming and Treatment Rooms
Take cat/kitten(s) out of condo, clean, scoop litter boxes, replenish water and food and lines, return cat/kitten(s), go to next condo and repeat.
Adults only
: on-the-job training
Schedule: 1 shift per day, 1 volunteer per shift
Grooming Room: everyday, Treatment Room: weekends 9am-11am (or earlier)

Kitten Keepers: (at Adoption Center)

Cleaning the kitten condos (scooping, feeding, water) in the Kitten Room and includes playing with the kittens. Take each group of kittens out (one condo at a time), clean their condo, freshen water and food if needed, put kitten(s) back, go to next condo and repeat.
Adult/Youth Team 1:2 ratio
Training: on-the-job training
Schedule: 1 shift per day, 1 volunteer per shift
Tues through Sunday 6pm to 8pm
Mondays 8-9pm

Cat Matchmakers (includes kittens) (at Adoption Center)

(Advanced) Matchmakers are stationed in the hallways outside the cat/kitten rooms. They will be responsible for managing the public access to animals. Matchmakers are expected to become knowledgeable about the pets in their areas and help potential adopters get to know the pets they might be interested in. They will supervise visitors in the unlocked rooms and manage any overcrowding or handling of anxious cats. If adopter is interested in pursuing possible adoption, the Matchmaker will direct them to Adoption Counselors.
Adult/Youth Team 1:1 ratio
Training: attend Cat Matchmaker task training session required
Schedule: 1 to 2 cat volunteers per shift
Monday, 1pm-3pm and 3pm-6pm and 6pm-8pm
Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday/Saturday, 11am-1pm and 1pm-3pm and 3pm-6pm
Thursday, Closed to the public - none
Sunday, 1pm-3pm and 3pm-5pm