2022 Volunteer Orientation - Shelter Safety Module

Shelter Safety Module.

You are one step closer to becoming an SPCA Volunteer!

In this step will, you will learn about our safety protocols! These are very important to follow, as the safety of the pets and people at the SPCA is our top priority.

The safety of the pets and people at the SPCA is our top priority. Once you have completed the Safety Video portion of this module, please fill out and submit the New Volunteer Survey below. Once you have completed and submitted the Survey, you can move on to the next step and take a tour with the Director of Volunteers!

Let′s Take a Tour of the Pet Adoption Center!

In this module, we will be taking you on a tour of the Pet Adoption Center. You will learn where things are, don't worry when you come in to train for the assignment you want to do, we will show you around. This is just to get you acquainted with our building and show you where you may be volunteering and spending your time during your shift.

SPCA Adoption Center map and where to park:

You just completed the Volunteer Tour.  How exciting!

Shelter Safety Survey

Please complete and submit the survey below to allow us to process your application.

Once you have submitted the Shelter Safety Survey, please click the "Tour Module" button below.

  After you submit the survey, click the "Tour Module" Button below to move onto the next module!