2022 Group Volunteering

Be part of a Team that enjoys working with and learning from one another!


Thank you for your group's interest in volunteering at the SPCA! You are about to embark on this journey, and you are going to learn a lot of information about the basics of the volunteer program.  But, you are never alone, and we are here to support you throughout your journey of being a volunteer.  The SPCA is a special place where everyone who comes through our doors belongs here.  So, whatever inspired you to volunteer, please know we cannot wait to be inspired by you and work with you.

The gratitude we feel towards our volunteers can never truly be placed into words, and we hope that no matter what life brings that when you are here, you feel valued, appreciated, and loved. Because we really do love our volunteers, and we cannot do this without them!

Training for Your Group Volunteer Event!

  • Shelter Safety Module
  • Puppy Butler Training
  • Small Pets Overview
  • Super Scrubbers Overview
  • Each Member of the Group must complete the Shelter Safety Module and complete and submit the Shelter Safety Survey
  • Online Training Surveys & Videos
    • Each volunteer must view the video and submit surveys that are associated with the online training or surveys that is associated with an assignment that have in-person, on-the-job training!!
  • TIP: You can navigate through the page by clicking on the title of training or document that you want to complete.  It's that simple!! We cannot wait to meet you!!



Please make sure that each person that is planning on participating in the Group Volunteering Event completes and Submits:

  • A Volunteer Application
  • DocuSign Waiver

TIP: You can navigate through the page by clicking on the title of training or document that you want to complete.  It's that simple!! We cannot wait to meet you!!



Please see the schedule for Giving Tuesday! Did we mention that we are really excited that you chose the SPCA to donate your time and lend us your talents on Giving Tuesday?  Well...we are!

  • 8AM-8:30AM- Arrival & Tour of the Pet Adoption Center
  • 8:30AM-11Am- Super Scrubbers (If you have waterproof boots to change into for this task, please bring them to change into).
  • 11AM-1PM - Group Rotation of  Volunteer Team Assignments- Split off into Groups.  Each rotation is 30 minutes.
    • Group 1 - Puppy Butler
    • Group 2- Laundry
    • Group 3- Small Pets
    • Group 4- General Cleaning
  • 1PM- 1:30PM- Roundtable with Jess & Sarah to provide them with feedback!

Where to park when you arrive & a map of the Pet Adoption Center:



     Long Pants
     Closed-toed Shoes (Sneakers are best)
     Loose jewelry is not recommended.

Shelter Safety Training


In this step will, you will learn about our safety protocols! These are very important to follow, as the safety of the pets and people at the SPCA is our top priority.  Everyone in your group must complete this portion of the Orientation.

The safety of the pets and people at the SPCA is our top priority. Once you have completed the Safety Video portion of this module, please fill out and submit the New Volunteer Survey below. Once you have completed and submitted the Survey, you can move on to the next step and take a tour with the Director of Volunteers!

     Long Pants
     Closed-toed Shoes (Sneakers are best)
     Loose jewelry is not recommended.




Welcome to the Puppy Butler Training!

Puppy Butlers care for the puppies in the Puppy Room (tubs and visit rooms) and any puppies housed in adult dog area bedrooms. They clean and sanitize all puppy tubs and rooms.

Important: The Puppy Butler Task requires bending over low concrete walls to pick up puppies and soiled newspaper, replacing dirty linens and toys, mopping, and providing water. Puppy Butlers also play with the puppies!

for shifts!



Laundry is such an important part of our operations!! We are so happy and grateful that you have decided to help us out with one of our greatest volunteer needs!

Our animals need clean linens to stay healthy and comfy while they are at the SPCA!

Laundry volunteers wash, dry, and fold blankets, towels, and other linens.

This training consists of 6 short videos and a short Laundry Survey, please read the Laundry SOP (instructions are attached to this training).

Please complete and submit the Laundry Survey after you have watched the training videos!


Small Pets Butlers provide cleaning, exercise and socialization for rabbits, guinea pigs, and other small animals in the Small Pets Wing (as well as any small pets in the Grooming Room).


  • Bunnies and guinea pigs are PREY – They do not enjoy being held or picked up and may fight, scratch, or bite to get away. Please play with them on the ground and do not try to hold them. Allow rabbits to come out and go into the cage or carrier on their own, possibly with a small treat as incentive. See safety tips above for proper way to pick up guinea pigs.
  • Rabbits have a BLIND SPOT in front of their noses and may startle if you put your hand there. Pet them from above their heads.

  • Give rabbits space if displaying these behaviors:
    • Growling or grunting: possibly angry or scared.
    • Turning to move away (Bunny Butt) flicking their back feet.
    • “Boxing” behavior: Sitting on back legs with front legs raised, ears pointing up.
    • Back legs thumping on ground with a raised tail, tense facial muscles, dilated pupils.
    • Standing tense with body lowered, head tilted upwards, mouth open and teeth visible.
    • Ears pointed out to the sides (at 10 and 2 o’clock position; a.k.a. “airplane ears”), tail raised and pupils dilated.


Side door
  • Do NOT open the side door to the outside.
Small Pets are FRAGILE
  • Rabbits and guinea pigs are FRAGILE – It is extremely easy to break a rabbit’s back!
Rabbits ·        Avoid picking up a rabbit, but if you must, it’s very important to cradle the back end of the rabbit when lifting or holding.
Guinea Pigs ·        Guinea pigs should be picked up with both hands, one supporting the front and the other supporting the back. If needed, use a hand towel to pick them up and transport them.
They are wiggly
  • Guinea pigs and rabbits may wiggle hard when picked up, so make sure you have a solid (but gentle) grasp on them to avoid dropping them.
  • Place a cloth or towel over their eyes to avoid this.
They need plenty of Hay
  • Rabbits and guinea pigs cannot vomit, so hairballs can be deadly. Make sure there is plenty of hay in their cages to help them pass the hair they shed. While you are socializing with the rabbit, groom off as much fur as possible.


Super Scrubbers are a team of volunteers that deep-clean the areas that are in need of a deep clean.  When you come in you will be helping super scrub the cat area!

This is a perfect task small groups!

Note: For the first part of the day, you will be participating in Super Scrubbers.  We recommend that you bring waterproof boots and a pair of tennis shoes or closed toed shoes with you to change into after super scrubbers.  We will have a place to put all of your belongings!  So please dress accordingly.


We want you to be part of creating a new volunteer team assignment and help our pets that have been here the longest.

  • You will be:
  • Spending time with them.
  • Filling out a form about them and what makes them special.
  • Taking fun pictures of them.


Please fill out the Group Volunteer Application below.  Each member of the Group must complete an application.

Make sure that you scroll through the entire application, the volunteer team assignments need to be selected in order to submit your application!

  •  A confirmation email letting you know that you submitted your application.
  • You will receive the "Getting Started" email after completing the application below.  The email will contain more information about the program, links to Volgisitcs Training and is your confirmation that your application was submitted successfully.
  • You will receive another email from Volgistics with login information!

No phone calls, please.  We appreciate your patience! 


One more thing before you go! Don't forget about the Waiver below. 

Please be sure to complete and submit the Volunteer Application (above) and DocuSign Waiver (button below).

Thank you so much for completing the required training to participate in the Group Volunteer Event.

We are so excited to welcome you to the SPCA Volunteer Team & Family!

Thank you!

Once you've completed Steps 1-3 above, you will receive the Getting Started email and a confirmation email from DocuSign!
Please allow 5-7 days for us to completely process your volunteer registration. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do not receive your confirmation email, please check your junk folder. If it's not in your junk folder, please be sure you have successfully completed all of the registration steps above.