You must be at least 18 years old to volunteer at the SPCA.

However, youth (7-17 years old) may participate with an adult volunteer under the following conditions:

  • The adult is the primary volunteer and is responsible for the task.
  • The task must be approved for Adult/Youth teams. See Volunteer Tasks for details.
  • The youth must have a signed waiver on file.
  • Youth must be under the adult’s supervision at all times, and follow instructions of adult and staff.
  • Youth should not be rowdy or loud.
  • Youth cannot be alone with any animal at any time.
  • Only adults may handle dogs. Youth can assist on some dog tasks, but adult must maintain control of dog at all times.

Youth can receive credit hours for their service by accompanying an adult volunteer on an approved shift or by participating in one of the activities listed below. If you have questions, please email us.

Short-Term or Group Options (scouts, schools, etc.)

You must be a trained volunteer to work with our animals, but we have some fun and helpful options for short-term or group volunteers:

  • Organize a supply drive: Use our wish list and organize a drive to collect items. Create a marked container and place it in a high-traffic area for people to see or let people donate directly from our Amazon Wish List. (You can earn 3 credit hours for this task).
  • Give out information at a table at school or in front of a supermarket (with their permission): Ask the community to support responsible pet ownership and consider donating money or supplies to help the animals. Distribute information about the animals available for adoption at the SPCA. (You can earn 3 credit hours for this task).
  • Organize a fundraiser: Hold a bake sale, car wash or carnival and collect donations for the SPCA of Wake County. Distribute information about the SPCA at your event to help educate the public (we can provide you with handouts). (You can earn 6 credit hours for this task).

If you have questions about drives and fundraisers, please email us.