Farewell, Nonni

ABOVE: Nonni in November 2018 after eye surgery

January 11, 2018 – It is with heavy hearts that we share the news of Nonni’s passing. Nonni the cat first joined the SPCA of Wake County family in February of 2017. We transferred this sassy girl into our Adoption Program from our partners at Wake County Animal Care and Control. She was about ten years old at the time.

During her time with us, she was adopted once, but returned the next day. She was adopted again, but returned a few days later. She had on-going health issues with one of her eyes that often scared potential adopters away. She spent most of 2018 as the “office cat” of our Adoption Center Director where she enjoyed having an entire throne room to herself.

After repeated trips to various vet clinics to try to resolve her eye issues, we finally found out she had cancer. She had surgery to remove the eye in September and immediately showed signs of renewed spirit (but never quite letting go of her sassy side).

Nonni’s Health Takes a Turn for the Worst

Just before the holidays, Nonni began having seizures. This past Sunday night, she took a turn for the worst and it was time to say good-bye. Like every animal in our care, Nonni was loved and given the best possible life while waiting for a forever home. It turns out, her forever home was with us and our Adoption Center Director, Kim.

Below is part of Kim’s tribute to Nonni that she shared with us. Nonni didn’t have to try hard to win us over at the SPCA. Many of us would stop by Kim’s office just to get our daily dose of Nonni-tude and chirps. She would even try to steal our lunch (see the video below). But we all adored her. This isn’t the end we had in mind, but we are grateful that we could give her the love she deserved these last two years and up until her last breath.

Thank you all who have followed Nonni’s journey and her story. We are humbled each and every day that you empower us to care for the 3,500+ animals who come to us each year.

A Tribute to Nonni

“Our house is not the same tonight and we are missing a sassy black and white diva. Nonni’s body was not as strong as her personality- whatever was causing the seizures took a sudden and devastating turn and we were not left with any other choice but to say goodbye to her.

Nonni came to the SPCA almost exactly two years ago from another shelter. She was older, had weird medical issues, was opinionated and had no patience for the people who would visit her and not pay attention when she told them that she was not interested in visiting right now, thank you very much. Even when staff would visit her, she would swat a toy around for a while then give you The Look, which meant you put the toy down and walked away. Now.

We moved her around from room to room, trying to find the right area that would showcase her strong-willed feline-ness. We tried her in a foster home for a while. That also didn’t seem to meet her expectations.

After about a year, I moved Nonni into my office. She became a different cat almost instantly. I would come in every day and she would sing to me (meowMEOW) while I got her breakfast ready. She would run around my office like a kitten for about an hour or so, then she would settle into her throne on my desk and supervise me. When people would come into my office, she would advise them on what to do (chirpMEOW). She was a great colleague.

When the condition of her eye really declined, she came to stay at our house so she could recover from her surgery. Nonni was home. She claimed my son’s room (and my son) and would hurry him along in the morning by chasing after his feet and lecturing him (more meowMEOW).

She was adopted twice during her time with me and I felt like I was handing my own cat over to someone else- I guess I was. I was never happier to have a cat returned than I was when Nonni came back. The last time she returned from a failed adoption, she and I both knew she wasn’t leaving home again.

The seizures seemed to come out of nowhere and whatever was causing them was hitting hard. We treated Nonni as best we could with a small army of medications, but it wasn’t going to stop what was coming. I found her this morning in her room and she was able to hold on while we drove to the vet, having what I knew was going to be our last conversation (chirp) in the car. I was there until the end and she was not alone. We may not have adopted her, but she knew she was our Nonni. ❤️” – Kim, Director of Adoptions

If you would like to make a donation in Nonni’s memory, you can give a gift online here. Are you grieving the loss of a beloved pet in your life? Check out our Pet Loss Support Group which meets on the third Sunday of every month.

ABOVE: Nonni ready to coach our Dog Walk participants in spring of 2018
ABOVE: Nonni just a few weeks before her eye surgery in September 2018 (photo by InBetween the Blinks Photography)


ABOVE: Nonni in 2017


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