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Facility Maintenance / Handyman (part-time)

Overview: The maintenance/handyman at the SPCA of Wake County is responsible for fixing broken things, maintaining working things, and installing new things.

A Day in the Life: The dryer has been making a suspicious noise. The parts you ordered arrived yesterday and you had planned to fix the dryer first thing this morning, but you arrive to a note saying a door handle came off one of the utility closets. The dryer will have to wait. After the handle is back in place, you are able to fix the dryer and touch up a few spots that needed a fresh coat of paint. After lunch, you notice the ceiling vents could use a good cleaning, so you grab a ladder and work your way through the hallways. Before you leave for the day, you place an order for some PVC. You’ve been tasked with building some frames for event banners. You took measurements and drew up a plan yesterday, so now you need to order the materials.

You Might Be A Born Handyman If:

  • Some people always carry a pen, but for you, it’s a screw driver. You just never know where you’ll find a loose screw.
  • Your friends have been known to call you when something in their house breaks. They know even if you’ve never fixed one before, you can’t resist a problem to be solved.
  • Your mother would say, even as a child, you never used a toy as it was intended to be used. She would say you find solutions that others might miss because you can see the hidden potential in objects and think outside the box.

The Nitty Gritty:

  • Because we have two properties, applicants must have their own transportation.
  • Must have moderate skills in two or more trades: plumbing, electrical, carpentry, painting, appliance repair, etc.
  • HVAC maintenance/repair experience would be a plus.
  • Must enjoy working around dogs, cats and people.
  • A positive attitude and good communication skills are a must.
  • Part-time (to full-time); 12-15 hours per week

Interested? Please send resume, cover letter and SPCA employment application to Lisa Kroll at Only the most qualified candidates will be contacted for interviews; no phone calls please (we’ll have our people call your people).