Expiration Date Tracker

When Can You Safely Discard These Important Documents?

With spring finally here and summer just around the corner, there’s no better time to start on your spring cleaning tasks. As you sort through your belongings, including paperwork, it’s important that you don’t throw out the important documents you may need down the road.

Before you start shredding, use our Expiration Date Tracker to make sure it′s safe to dispose of your files.
Bank deposit slips After you reconcile your statements
Banking statements After a calendar year; store with tax returns if any will be used to prove deductions
Employer defined-benefit plan communications Never
Investment statements (brokerage, 401(k), IRA, Keogh)Shred old monthly and quarterly statements when you receive a new one; save annual statements until you sell the investments
Investment purchase confirmations and 1099sHold until you sell the securities, then keep with your tax records for an additional seven years
Life insurance policies Never, if still in force; store in your safe-deposit box
Safe-deposit box inventory Never, but review and update each year
Social Security statements Shred an old statement when you receive a new one
Tax returns and related documents After seven years

Time to Start Planning

As you start your spring cleaning projects, consider how you can help the organizations and places you care about, like the SPCA. We’re happy to help you get started by finding the right giving vehicle for you. Contact Mondy Lamb at plannedgiving@spcawake.org or 919-532-2086 to get started.