Meet Our Animal Behaviorist, Molly!

We are proud to introduce you to Molly Stone, the SPCA’s pet behavior specialist. With 23 years of experience, and certification as an Internationally Certified Dog Behavior Consultant and Certified Dog Trainer, Molly oversees all pet behavior programs at the SPCA. She also serves a vital role in setting our adopters up for success by strengthening the human/animal bond.

Whether you adopted from the SPCA or not (although we’re really hoping you did), Molly is available for individual consultations to help you through any complex behavior issues your pet may be experiencing. Working with you and your pet individually, Molly can provide helpful insight into your pet’s behavior and develop a behavior modification/training plan that works toward lasting solutions.


Consultations at the SPCA       $40
In-home consultations            $60

All proceeds support essential behavior programs for the pets in our care.
To schedule an appointment, contact Molly at 919-532-2096 or e-mail