PLEASE NOTE: To request surgery appointments for more than one pet, please fill out the form for the first pet, click Submit, then fill out and submit again for each additional pet.

Appointment Request Form

Spay/Neuter Clinic Form 8-28-2019


When the clinic staff calls you to schedule your appointment, they will explain what is included in the base surgery price and what may require additional charges. Base prices for spay/neuter surgery:

  • Female Dogs - $125
  • Male Dogs - $115
  • Female Cats - $75
  • Male Cats - $75
  • Community Cats (TNR) - $50*

*Community Cats (AKA Feral Cats) are felines that either never had any contact with people or their contact with people has diminished over time. They are not socialized to people and survive on their own outdoors. Most community cats are not "lap cats" or enjoy living indoors. The difference between a community cat and your pet cat is that they have had little or no contact with people, and so they are wary of us, and cannot be handled or live inside a typical home. Eligibility for Community Cat surgery pricing will be determined when the clinic staff calls to make your appointment.