Fee-Waived Felines

For when you want a cat, but not just any cat.


These cats are looking for forever homes. For one reason or another, each of them has been with the SPCA for more than 90 days and continues to be overlooked. Most are just waiting for a cat-savvy human or two to understand that all they really want is to be cats. You’ll want to be sure your sense of humor is in tip top shape before visiting those opinionated felines. Others have stories that will have you re-evaluating your priorities about what’s really important in life. Still others may test your patience with their shyness, but we promise they’re worth it. They’re all worth it.

Our motivation for finding these special homes is twofold. First and foremost, no matter how much attention or how many toys we give our cats, living in a shelter cannot compare to having a home of your own and belonging to a family. We want these cats to have the stability that comes with a home, a routine, and a committed family. Second, we have space for a limited number of cats. As long as these delightful felines linger, they take up a space that could be used to save more lives. By adopting one of these cats, you save not only its life, but also the life of the cat we can accept in its place. So we have our mission: find human characters to match up with our lingering feline characters.

To help them find homes, we are waiving their adoption fees. Talk to an adoption counselor about the next step.

If you’re one of those special humans who wants a cat, but not just any cat, one of these felines might be up to the task. In true cat-like fashion, they need you to come to them, so have your people call their people at 919-772-2326, or email at adopt@spcawake.org. We will tell you everything we know.


Blinkin - Adoptable at spcawake.org
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Blinkin – Go With the Flow

Blinkin was adopted from the SPCA as a young kitten, but a few years later he found himself at the Wake County Animal Center. Blinkin was understandably confused. The SPCA brought him back to have another chance at finding the forever home he’s always wanted. He enjoys interacting with his humans, but doesn’t seem to need or want constant attention. He loves finding a high perch and watching the world below him, so a tall cat tower would probably make him feel right at home. Blinkin lives in a staff member’s office where he enjoys eating, lounging on his plush cat sofa, killing the occasional toy, and did we mention eating? He likes exploring the Adoption Center on his harness and leash.


We think Blinkin is even more charming in motion than he is in still pictures (and he’s quite handsome in photos) so here’s Blinkin in action!


Any cat with an asterisk (*) is currently living in a foster home. Speak with an adoption counselor at 919-772-2326 to arrange a meeting.




(Photos by McCormick & Moore Photography)